Writers Organizing Panel

On October 19 we had a terrific panel on the surge in organizing among journalists, writers and media workers. Moderated by Steven Greenhouse with panelists Nastaran Mohit (NewsGuild of NY), Hamilton Nolan (Writers Guild of America, East) and Jillian Steinhauer Freelance Solidarity Project, National Writers Union.


To watch the video, please click on the link above.

Writers Organizing / Organizing Writers

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Metro Fall Panel

Journalists, writers and media workers are organizing in record numbers. Why is it happening now and what are the issues driving this movement? Join us for a panel discussion with speakers who are on the front lines of this surge in organizing.

Steven Greenhouse, award-winning freelance journalist and writer

Nastaran Mohit, NewsGuild of New York
Hamilton Nolan, Council Member, Writers Guild of America, East
Jillian Steinhauer, National Writers Union