About Us

Who we are

Established in 1974, the Metro New York Labor Communications Council (‘Metro’) includes editors, writers, artists, photographers, graphic designers, web designers, radio program producers, labor public relations specialists, and video producers from public and private sector trade unions and related organizations (Group Associates) — all those who give voice to today’s labor movement. Metro is affiliated with the International Labor Communications Association of the AFL-CIO, and cooperates with the New York City Central Labor Council.
Labor Newspapers

What we do

Metro provides a forum to exchange ideas and information and to discuss the problems and questions that confront labor communicators in their work. Metro also examines the larger issues that affect organized labor — such as strengthening the labor movement, forging coalitions, fostering union democracy, challenging the anti-labor bias of the corporate media, and using new technologies to get labor’s message out.

Metro offers

  • Skills-oriented workshops on writing, layout, photography, and web design;
  • Seminars on critical issues facing the labor movement;
  • an Annual Journalism Awards contest that recognizes outstanding work done by labor communicators;
  • an Annual Convention with invited speakers sharing ideas and discussing relevant issues facing the labor movement and working people today. The Convention includes the presentation of the Journalism Awards and the election of Metro’s Officers and Executive Board members.

The future of Metro is our members

The labor movement is changing and so are the needs of labor communicators. The Metro New York Labor Communications Council responds to these needs by offering a forum where members can exchange ideas and by providing workshops, seminars, and technical support. In the past,we have dealt with such issues as building and maintaining coalitions, organizing immigrant workers, working inside and outside our unions, and examining the varied role of the labor press.

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