Metro’s 45th Annual Convention

Join us on Tuesday, May 11 at 10am for our Annual Convention.
Bill Fletcher, Jr. will be presented with the Communicator of the Year award: followed by a panel on Race and Labor; Metro contest winners will be announced; and there will be a Metro Board election.
The event is free. Registration is required. You can register today.

Scholarship for Diversity in Labor

The CUNY School of Labor and Urban Studies Diversity Scholarships promote the leadership of women and people of color in labor/Labor Studies. We seek applicants who are working adults or full -time students. Deadline: February 23, 2021. Contact Laurie Kellogg at

SLU Scholarship for Diversity in Labor
Diversity Scholarship for CUNY/SLU

Convention Report

Despite the pandemic, our 2020 Convention was a great success. It began with a presentation of the Communicator of the Year awards to Stephanie Luce and Ruth Milkman.

And then a powerful panel on “Advancing Antiracist Practices in Labor Communications”. Speakers included: Bill Fletcher, Hasani Gittens, Cara Noel and Judy Sheridan-Gonzalez, RN. Garry Pierre-Pierre moderated.

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Communicator of the Year

Advancing Antiracist Practices in Labor Communications

Metro Convention – September 30

Convention Call

Metro NY 45th Annual Convention
Sept. 30, 10am-noon

Join us as we honor Stephanie Luce and Ruth Milkman from CUNY/SLU. Academics making a difference for workers, women, immigrants and their communities.

Followed by a panel discussion on Advancing Antiracist Practices in Labor Communications.
Panelists: Bill Fletcher Jr, activist and author. Hasani Gittens, Deputy Editor for THE CITY. Cara D. Noel, Communications Director at 1199SEIU United Workers. Rep from the New York State Nurses Association. Moderator: Garry Pierre-Pierre, Pulitzer-prize winning journalist.