Unmasking Fake News and the Efforts to Suppress Journalists – Panel 10/24

Join Metro for a provocative discussion with leading thinkers and working journalists about:

  • Communicating with members who believe fake news
  • Combating the overabundance of misinformation out there
  • Best practices in response to politicians/bosses who denigrate our work in order to prevent exposure of their wrongdoing
  • How the risks to journalists (from physical danger to damaged reputations) might hinder the truth from being told
  • Countering this destructive effort that threatens our unions and our democracy

Panel discussion
Thursday, October 24
National Writer’s Union
256 W. 38th Street, 12th Fl.
Free event, light refreshments

Kerry Paterson, Deputy Director of Advocacy, Committee to Protect Journalists. Every year, hundreds of journalists are attacked, imprisoned, or killed. CPJ has been there to defend them and fight for press freedom.

Jiore Craig, Vice President at GQR. Craig helps governments and unions to develop rapid response programs to combat disinformation on- and offline.

Zach Verdin, entrepreneur and artist. Verdin co-founded NewHive and Guardians.ai, where his most recent work has focused on the impact of information warfare on societies, systems, countries, presidential campaigns, and companies.

Don’t Open the Door 

Don’t Open the Door 

Don’t Open the Door 

When the knock came at the door for
A second
I thought about a man: Davino Watson
A US citizen
Locked up for forty-one months by ICE
Over 3 years
Of his life lost. For what? A clerical error
Or clerical terror
And then about Bello, the Bakersfield poet
Targeted by ICE
and locked up for reading his critical verse

So, when the unexpected knock came
at the door
At first I froze
Just me at home and my two-year-old
And now we all know,
And it’s no exaggeration,
That ICE tortures children,
And rapes them,
and kills them.

The knocker, however,
Was only the super
As it turned out,
This time.

Source: Don’t Open the Door