Ex-SAG-AFTRA Co-President Roberta Reardon Confirmed for NY Labor Post

Former SAG-AFTRA Co-President Roberta Reardon has been confirmed as labor commissioner for the  state of New York. New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo selected Reardon for the post in September as his commissioner of labor, taking over for Mario Musolino. The State Senate confirmed Reardon on Wednesday. “My highest

Source: Ex-SAG-AFTRA Co-President Roberta Reardon Confirmed for NY Labor Post

Metro Convention Highlights

Metro held its 41st Convention last Friday, May 6th.

The convention was opened by NYC Public Advocate Letitia James, below being introduced by Carl Ginsburg, NYSNA Communications Director.


JamesLetitia James addressing the issue of a changing work place.

A panel on the gig economy followed. (L to R) Moderator, Bob Hennelly; Katie Unger, Michelle Chen and Mauricio Niebla.


Hamilton Nolan was honored as the Labor Communicator of the Year for his work in organizing the staff at Gwaker.


Trisha Arnold, NYC public school teacher and UFT member was given our highest competative award, the Mary Heaton Vorse award for a video she made of teachers talking about their connection with their students. Here she is receiving her award from Metro Secretary Marie Smith (Council of School Supervisors and Administrators).


The event ended with an engaging presentation by new Metro Co-Chair, Liz McKenna (NYC District Council of Carpenters) on using your smartphone as a communicating tool.

Thanks to Dave Sanders and NYSNA for the great photos.

Uber, Taxis, Independent Contractors, and Unions | Portside

Many taxi drivers love the entrepreneurial nature of the work but they still want and need security and protection. Recent developments of the gig economy in the states of Washington and California are breakthrough moments for the potential to organize workers against companies like Uber. We can’t wait for the courts to figure out the gig economy: we have to be organizing now, despite the challenges.

Source: Uber, Taxis, Independent Contractors, and Unions | Portside