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Talking to an IBEW Local 3 striker

Some four months later IBEW Local 3 members are still on strike. “They don’t want to come to the table,” said union member Michael Auerbach handing out leaflets on the corner of 6th Avenue and 23rd Street on Thursday morning, June 29. “Spectrum is trying to break us in small bunches like apples falling from a tree. They want to bring in newbies who don’t know what unions are so they can drive down wages.

“It’s important for workers to see long term. They offer a little bit in the short term and then screw you for the long term. People have to remember there is a future and it’s your kids and grandkids.

“We in Local 3 support each other. There was a reason that unions were built and it’s every bit as important now as it was in the beginning.

Metro Convention – Recognizing the power of journalism

Juan Gonzáles, previous Metro Labor Communicator of the Year recipient, introduced Amy Goodman.

Metro Labor Communicator of the Year for 2017 – Amy Goodman

Convention panelists (from left): Ginger Adams Otis, Jane Latour, Monica Mohapatra (Moderator), Miriam Frank, Premilla Nadasen and Sarah Jaffe

Frank, Nadase and Jaffe in a discussion of Workers in the Trump Era: Women’s voices on the resistance.

Jane Latour, author of Sisters in The Brotherhoods: Working Women Organizing for Equality in New York City

Carl Ginsberg, Metro Board, introduced our first-ever student journalism contest winner, Ying Lu, student at NYU.

Gregory Heires, winner of the 2017 Vorse award.

Remember the Triangle Shirtwaist Workers

The new political climate and the new White House are showing every intention of fighting the worker protections that have been won by the labor movement over the last 140+ years. Workers have not been taking these threats lightly, and have been taking to the streets in the name of protecting the needs and the rights of all working people.

Sound familiar? It’s because worker protections are something we must fight to maintain and expand. We know that the victories of working people have been hard-fought, but we also know that we can win if we stand together.

On Friday, March 24th, we will gather to remember the 146 lives lost 106 years ago. We will gather together to recommit to the fight to protect all workers, because we are activists, and activists stand up for each other. Whether your workplace is a garment factory, a non-union construction site, a nail salon, a classroom or anywhere in between, let us remember the lessons of the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire. Worker protection cannot be passive. Worker protection takes action, and we must stand together as a movement that relies on determination, solidarity, and hope for a better future.

Each year, we gather to remember the 146 workers who lost their lives in the tragic blaze, and to recommit to fighting for workers’ rights. This year’s program will also highlight two industries where worker abuses are rampant: Farm work and construction.